Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay... maybe not quite butI did an interview with Stephen Jones who produces a show called 9 to 5 for our local PBS station. I got an email today and although the piece isn't up yet on the PBS site, it IS up on his YouTube page.

You can see it HERE!

I'm a big dork but he did a great job with it... and the animals are all adorable of course!!! : )

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New cards!

I've had my business for about a year and a half now and I created doggie business cards and kitty business cards at the begining. I recently ran out of the dog cards but realized I had lots of cat cards. For some reason more people seem to want pictures of their pooches! If you have a kitty, don't forget to give them some love too!!

Anyway, I decided to create new cards that could be for ALL the animals. Besides, I've shot dogs, cats, bunnies, horses... and I'm willing to tackle taking photos of ANY pet! I looooove my new cards and must show them off to you!

This is the front. I admit, that's Max's nose. : )

And the back with a variety of pets!

Yay for new cards! Soon I plan to do some updating of the website too... so keep an eye out for the changes!

Paradise for Pets...

A couple weekends ago I had the honor of shooting for Pet Paradise! It was a beautiful Saturday and they had over 80 dogs there that day! Here are a few of my favorite shots of the pups...

I would love to know the people who own all the pups on the left... what a fun group! A newfie, a lab, and a beagle!

This lab cracked me up! I threw one tennis ball... and off he went to get it. Then I threw another tennis ball... and off he went again but with the first ball still "protected" from the other pups in his mouth. I thought for sure the first ball would be left behind when he got to the second but nope. He came back with both! Then I threw that yellow squeaky toy and he ran after it... once again with the other balls still in his mouth. He came back with ALL three!! I know you can only see two here... but that's because the third was jammed way in the back. Thank goodness he didn't choke! : )

All the pups were insanely cute and soooo much fun! Pet Paradise does a great job with them... their kennels are indoor/outdoor and they all get playtime throughout the day. And pool time in the awesome bone shaped pool if they want it!!

They also take kitties... photos of a few of them to come soon! As well as a sneak peek of my session with a fabulous coon hound named Molly!!