Monday, December 22, 2008

Daisy and Guido!!

Daisy and Guido (if you click that link, just scroll to the bottom for the sneak peek!) are my neighbor's dogs. I LOVE them! Daisy is a super sweetie pie and Guido is the most energetic ball of fur EVER!
We like to tease Professor and Daisy that they are a couple... hee hee.
And Max and Guido love to chase each other around by the pond... until Max is naughty and runs into the water!

So I ran into Daisy and Guido one afternoon while I was out taking pictures of Professor so of course I had to get some shots of them as well! In fact, Daisy is now on my website. She is the link to enter the photo cart for dogs!

Anyway, these photos are LONG overdue!
I played around with them tonight and practiced leash removal on a few!
The gorgeous Daisy and Guido BEFORE:



And Daisy with her ring!!

This is the look you get from Daisy when she wants you to play with her and the ring...

But this is what happens when you try to oblige!

Ugh! I have a bunch more of Daisy with the ring that I want to share but I have GOT to go finish cleaning the kitchen. My parents arrive in town tomorrow and my sister and her husband fly in on Wednesday! Eeeeck!
So this will have to do for now but I hope you enjoyed Daisy and Guido even a smidgen as much as I do! : )

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taylor, Simba, Bo and Lucy!

I had the honor of photographing four pups in the same family this weekend! What an amazing mom they have!

Taylor, a yorkie, is 12 years old and such a cutie pie! I loved how she walked around with her tongue out most of the time! See it in the shot on the left??

Simba is a pomeranian/poodle mix. He is 10 years old but so super spunky! He loves, loves, LOVES to chase toys and he spent half the shoot barking and trying to get me or his mom to throw things for him! He has such a puppy face... I couldn't resist! I hope he wasn't too worn out later!

Lucy and Bo are brother and sister... and Simba is their dad! Simba and his mom's sister's dog (did you follow that?) who is a chinese crested had six puppies. They all stayed in the family! I saw baby puppy photos of the group and Bo was the big one in all of them! : )

And Lucy has a bit more of the crested in her look than Bo does. She has such fun grey and white fur that hides her naked skin! And she reminds me a little bit of Dumbledore... I think it's the beard!

A shot of the three:

Thanks Kelly for having me out this weekend! I love your little family!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm so sorry it has been so long since my last post... I promise I wasn't crying in the corner all this time...
I've just been busy. But I still apologize because I'm never too busy for YOU!
And if you are here scouting for photos of your dog from the Civil War Living History event at Fort Caroline, I promise to get those up asap! I had a bit of a head cold and my face was all stuffy so staring at the computer in the evening after staring at it at the park all day didn't sound exciting. But I'm all better now!
For those of you wondering why I have photos of dogs at a Civil War event... I'll explain when I post... so I'm keeping you in suspense for a wee bit. : )

On a happy note...
I had a request for a gift certificate! I'm so excited because I didn't have one designed and this gave me the perfect excuse to do just that!
Isn't Professor the cutest?

So if you know someone with a furrie friend... or feathered or scaled or whatever... you can now give them the fabulous gift of a photo session with ME!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Sad Day to Remember

Teresir the giant orange fluff monster was my best friend for many, many years. He showed up on campus in front of my dorm when I was 19. I took it upon myself to buy cat food for TeresA (the dorm was Teresa Hall so everyone called the cat Teresa) rather than watch him waste away... I fed him under the bushes and even brought him in secretly when it would rain. He became MY cat.

When I was informed that Teresa was to be put down by the powers that be on campus, I announced my intentions of taking him with me when I moved to an apartment at the end of the semester. So that's how it came to be that one big orange cat came home with me for Christmas break, only to find out that SHE was a HE. TeresA became TereSIR and he lived with me in many places and in several states until 2 years ago last Sunday, November 23.

Even just typing about the loss of Teresir makes me tear up. He was such a wonderful friend to me... even if he was a grumpy old man most of the time! He was always there for me and I want to post a few photos of him for all of you to see what a gorgeous kitty he was with his long fur and his gianormous eyes!

This is me holding Teresir... I think I must have been somewhere around 24-ish. Remember, the camera adds 10 pounds... and that's a LOT for a cat!

Here is he destroying my blinds. He loved sitting in the window!

The monster on the patio of my first place in Florida!

He really did have wonderful big eyes!

And a few basking in the sunlight, just a few months before he died.

I know Teresir is waiting for me in Heaven! I miss him so much!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Few Recent Photos

of my pups...
Max loooooves stuffed animals. He picked up this teddy bear, flopped down onto his bed, and passed out.

Apple goes bonkers over the dino cuz! I squeak it and she makes wookie sounds and jumps around trying to grab it!

And Professor... he got a furcut! We had started thinking that he was gaining weight and he might need to go on a diet... but then they cut off all that insane fur and lo and behold! He's skinny under there!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I want this print SO bad!!

It's by Dug Nap... I checked out all his stuff HERE and he cracks me up!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Off the subject...

So it's nothing to do really with furries... but...
Some of you may (or may not) know that I got married in May.
And some of you may (or may not) know that we had our fabulous reception at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens at night!
I was just interviewed by Heidi of Truly Engaging!! You can read all about my flowers and plants HERE!
Heidi was super nice and I'm so excited that she deemed my story deserving of an entire blog post! If you are engaged or just like to read about decorations and gifts and things of that sort, her blog is definitely the place to go!
And because I can't post without a photo... here is one of my favorite shots of Chris, taken by the fabulous Scarlett Lillian.

And my fun cake/cake topper. The topper was handmade by Debbie Garrity who really listened to what I wanted! I'd totally recommend her too!

Thanks for letting me be all giddy! : )

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sneak Peek

I had a fun client shoot with three beautiful doggies this weekend! We were originally going to shoot at their community playground where their mom takes them to play on the slides (!!!) but there were a lot of children there having a birthday party so we relocated to their backyard.
The shoot went really well and the pups were very well behaved!
Here is the very first picture of the shoot! This is Bart... he's Roxy and Ryder's big brother. Note that his ears imitate the shape on his chest... cute!!

And here's a shot of all three!

You'll have to wait for more... I have almost 400 photos to sift through for the best, edit, and get in an online gallery! Weeeee!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Uni Says

Happy Howl-O-Ween!
I know she's a bit late... but she hopes you all had a wonderful one anyway!

Now I am off to worry myself sick about my client shoot this afternoon. Please don't rain, Mother Nature!!
I get so nervous when I have shoots... I hope that will eventually go away someday. I'm such a worrisome sort. I worry that I'll forget something. I worry that I won't get good shots. I worry that the dogs won't like the treats I bring so I bring several different ones.

Maybe I'll go have a slice of pumpkin bread that my sister-in-law baked for us. That might take my mind off things! : )

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Opinion, please!

I actually imagine the word opinion to be said in a very Adam Sandler voice... Waterboy-like. : )

This is Frank, the one eyed pug. I met him in Seattle... isn't he a cutie?!!?
My question is which coloration do you like best?




Let me know what you think! Please!

EDIT: And one more... this vintage look is from this site. I first saw it on Sharon Montrose's blog and then again on indie kate. So I had to try it myself. It's fun!

Monday, October 27, 2008

They say it's your birthday!

We got Professor a year ago today!

We're planning to have a celebration tomorrow after I get home from work but I couldn't resist seeing if 'fessor would let me put one of the hats I got on him!
He let me... but you can see he's not exactly happy about it!

Happy 7th (or 8th) Birthday Big Boy!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Max and his Mum

I know it's a bit strange... but I was taking it myself (with my left hand stretched out on the floor). I like the way Max is looking at me though : )
He's such a sweetie.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay... so the canvas I ordered from Simply Canvas came Tuesday and I immediately ran outside with it and took photos. Sorry it has taken me until now to post them... I've been distracted.

Anyway, back to the canvas!!

I ordered it with a digital stretch because I was curious how it would look. I really like it where there is grass but don't care for Professor's ears being all crazy. Next time I might try the color border. It is also offered as a natural stretch where the photo itself is wrapped around the edges. I really like that idea too but I find that a lot of my work doesn't lend itself to that as well because I enjoy having my subjects way off to one side or another. It may be something I think about on my next shoot.
I'm already looking forward to ordering canvases of Apple, Uni, and Max so I can have a collection of the whole family! I wish it were possible for me to take a photo of all of them and Chris and I as well all in one photo...

And one last shot... from our latest visit to the dog park!
I'll get the rest up from both of our recent trips there asap!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stop it!

Not you...
Because if you read my blog you must love animals!
But the people who dump their pets at my park (I work for the National Park Service as well as run Furrie Fotographie) make me see RED!

As most of you know, Max was an abandoned dog that I brought home... goodness, a month ago!?!? I fell in love over the two weeks we had him and then we found him a home. Unfortunately that didn't work out so we now have him again and are planning on keeping him. He needs lots of playtime but I think we can handle it!
Max wasn't the first dog that I ever brought home from the park.
This was:
Pardon the quality but it was taken with Chris' phone...

That dog broke my heart. She was gorgeous and well trained and loved me. Too bad she didn't love other dogs. The journey to finding her a home was long and horrible and I don't want to get into it here but she found a place with a man and his son. The son had been in a horrid accident in which he was kicked in the head by a bucking bronco. He was still in a wheelchair and going through therapy to relearn to walk and talk. His face lit up when he saw the dog though and he was trying so hard to say thank you. I still think about her every day and hope that she is well and that she is doing as much good for her owners as they have done for her.

So yesterday a shih tzu was tied up to Ribault Monument! Tied there and left all day. I suppose the owner thought someone would take him. Ugh!
A visitor reported him in the morning and when he was still there in the afternoon, one of the rangers brought him over to me. Double Ugh!
Can I tell you how cute he is?!?!!? He's all blonde with a dark brown crazy smushed in face! Who could leave that little face out in the wild?? He was scared and grumpy... who wouldn't be? But with some petting and chatting, he came around. He even rolled over to let me pet his belly!
Of course I'm the mushy girl who can't ever resist. My husband says we need a farm... rather than our apartment that already has two dogs and a cat and now Max as well.
I didn't bring him home. I couldn't. I knew it wouldn't be okay.
But one of my coworkers couldn't resist either so he is at the vet today getting shots and all that jazz. He has two little dogs and a cat at home too but in a house with a yard. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it all works out!

Also, while you are thinking good thoughts for Baxter (it has to be a good sign that Jason already named the little guy!)... please keep Ryder in your thoughts too. Ryder is an 8-month old black lab. I was supposed to do a shoot with him and his two other siblings this weekend but he was having leg problems... possibly his knee. : (

Thanks guys!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Egret and Professor and Sneak Peek... OH MY!

This morning I woke up to fog...
Our apartment is in the back of our complex in the corner... next to lots of trees and a pond. We seriously have the best view ever from our third floor balcony.
So I was getting ready for work and looking out the window to see if my ducks were waiting to be fed and I saw this egret.
You know what I had to do!
Check out this great series!

Then this afternoon when I got home from work, I noticed the light was really warm and pretty. I grabbed Professor since he is the one who will walk with me without a leash and we headed out. This particular shot doesn't really show off the gorgeous orange-y light but it is the one that, when I was flipping through the shots with my husband, made us both immediately say awwwww out loud. I'll share the others later.

And last but DEFINTELY not least, while I was out with Prof... we ran into my neighbor who was out with her two very fun dogs. She was out chatting with another neighbor so we had a mini photo session right then and there. I can't WAIT to show you the rest of the photos... but here's your sneak peek!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another card...

I know I should probably wait until I have a bunch ready... but I'm the type who gets overly excited and has to show everyone what I'm doing.

So this is a 4x8 flat card...
I used photos from my trip to Seattle for the Cowbelly Workshop!

And if you watched this season's Project Runway, you will get a kick out of what I named the family on the card. : )

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


needs a home.

If you missed my post about Max, it can be seen HERE.

Chris is ready to keep him but we also know our apartment is too small. Plus we already have three other pets and can't really afford a fourth.
He is up to date on all his shots and is fixed. He weighs about 65 pounds and is supposedly, according to the vet, 1 1/2 to 2 years old. He has the energy of a puppy.
Therefore, he ideally needs a home with another big dog or children who actually spend a lot of time in the yard with him. I think for your sanity, and his, he needs a fenced in yard.
He knows commands and listens well. He does get excited and jump so he needs someone who can be firm with him. He also needs lots of exercise.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested, contact me. My husband will probably ask you a thousand questions but if you are right for Max, then we will all be ecstatic.
And know that if you ever need a dogsitter... seriously, I'm all over it!

Plus, your dog is famous! He's all over my business cards! : )

Monday, October 13, 2008

Holiday Cards!

I've been working on some template designs for holiday cards! These are folded 5x7 cards... The colors and text will be customizable! I'm so exited... now I've just got to figure out a way to get my two dogs and my cat to sit together nicely so I can put together my own order!
I'll be posting more soon but I wanted to show you the first one!

I'll be working on several more later this week so keep checking back!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dogtoberfest Photos!

Whew... it's been a long day and I'm exhausted but I'm so excited to show off the fun photos from today's Dogtoberfest event!
Amanda picked me up with Zoe and Chloe. I didn't take Apple because she gets all scared when there are a lot of other dogs around. So instead I helped Amanda so she could bring both her cute pups!

We then headed over to Traci's place to meet up with Mr. Big!
Zoe and Chloe showed off their little witch hats... and Mr. Big was a moose!

And then we picked up Toni and Cubby. Cubby was dressed as a pumpkin! I don't have any shots of Cubby to show off this time though : (
EDIT: There is a shot of Cubby further down... in the cut out shots!

Finally to Metro Park for the dog party fun!!
Some dogs were dressed up and others weren't but every single one was cute as can be! I'm such a sucker for a furrie face...
This was the sight that greeted us:

Check out this Pimp Daddy!

As soon as I saw this Corgi I knew I had to get some photos for my husband. He loves corgis! Although I think he says that about every dog, just like me!

And I love big ears on puppies! I believe this German Shepherd's mom said she (he?) is 10 months old... look at those ears!

Okay, I'll show you some costumes!
Thing 1 and Thing 2 with The Cat in the Hat and The Fish!

These cracked me up... we always say Apple is like a wookie! She kinda looks like one and she sounds like one! I guess someone else thinks their yorkie does too!
And that "lobster" in the pot is a riot!

I love skunks!
And baseball!

This Boston is a doll!

I think this is my favorite trifold of all time!

Awww... gorgeous Chloe:

And Chloe playing with Zoe... these crack me up because Zoe looks like an insane monster when in reality she is totally sweet and calm. She slept/drooled on me every time we got in the car. : )

Here she is calmly meeting another doggie:

This is the effect I have on dogs... or maybe it was the pocket full of treats I had...

Okay... so I went a little insane with this pup. I couldn't resist!
Meet Baxter!!

hee hee... look at his wittle teefs!

He loves sticks! KILL the stick, Baxter!!

On our way toward the exit, we saw these fantastic dogs getting a photo taken in a cut out!

So of course we had to take some too!

As we were leaving, worn out... and the dogs' bellies full of treats... we saw these darling pups in the parking lot:

Pup and Mom

And these two were leaving as well, probably good and ready for a nap!

Speaking of naps, between going to Dogtoberfest and editing all these photos so I could post them asap... I'm ready to hit the sack myself! I had such a great time today though and I could have spent even longer out at the park in the fabulous weather with the even MORE fabulous pups! Jacksonville's dogs ROCK!