Monday, December 22, 2008

Daisy and Guido!!

Daisy and Guido (if you click that link, just scroll to the bottom for the sneak peek!) are my neighbor's dogs. I LOVE them! Daisy is a super sweetie pie and Guido is the most energetic ball of fur EVER!
We like to tease Professor and Daisy that they are a couple... hee hee.
And Max and Guido love to chase each other around by the pond... until Max is naughty and runs into the water!

So I ran into Daisy and Guido one afternoon while I was out taking pictures of Professor so of course I had to get some shots of them as well! In fact, Daisy is now on my website. She is the link to enter the photo cart for dogs!

Anyway, these photos are LONG overdue!
I played around with them tonight and practiced leash removal on a few!
The gorgeous Daisy and Guido BEFORE:



And Daisy with her ring!!

This is the look you get from Daisy when she wants you to play with her and the ring...

But this is what happens when you try to oblige!

Ugh! I have a bunch more of Daisy with the ring that I want to share but I have GOT to go finish cleaning the kitchen. My parents arrive in town tomorrow and my sister and her husband fly in on Wednesday! Eeeeck!
So this will have to do for now but I hope you enjoyed Daisy and Guido even a smidgen as much as I do! : )

Happy Holidays!


Mutt Gal said...

Oh, well done, you, on the leash removal! Did you just use the clone and heal tool? I'm soooo bad at that.

I love Daisy's play bow- fun!

Tracy said...

Thanks Haley... I just used the clone stamp. The background worked well with it. Whew...
That I can handle. I wish I was better at brightening colors though. How is the Lightroom trial going? Do you like it?

Mutt Gal said...

Whenever I use the clone stamp in LR I just get funny (obvious) dots! I need to practice more! On yours, you can't see it at all.

As far as brightening color, I am a fan of using fill light and darkening the blacks- I think that makes the other color pop a bit.

I do like LR- so much so that I ended up buying it. ; ) I know there's on it that I don't have a clue about, but it sure is fun to play with. I'm such a geek... I've been spending my evenings reading "Lightroom for Dummies!"

Tracy said...

I wonder how different the clone tool is with photoshop and LR...
But there are "fuzzy" brushes in photoshop... if you use the hard edge brushes it doesn't blend as well.

fill light and darkening the blacks... must go open photoshop... or is that a LR feature??

Mutt Gal said...

Tracy, I don't know. I've never used PS- just LR. I will have to go try fuzzing out my edges.... I do have quite a few leashed pics from Daisy and Ginger's session! Thanks! said...

Tracy, I love the look on her face PLEADING with you to play ring with her...beautiful dogs, nice job cloning out the leashes...just learned that myself. Happy Holidays!

Emilee said...

Love the shots, Tracy! The ring shots are hilarious!
If I need to remove leashes or any distracting objects I always use the clone stamp in PS. If I need so remove any dust spots, though, I just do that in LR. And fill light and blacks are available in ACR and LR, I believe. I love that blacks slider! :) LR is great! I highly recommend purchasing Scott Kelby's training books, for both LR and PS!
I hope I contributed something helpful to the conversation!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Great practice :) Looking forward to see more doggie pictures in 2009 :) Have a Happy New Year!

leesia said...

great work on the leash removal! these two are such a cute pair.

Four Legs Photography said...

You did a great job getting rid of the leashes! I love the rig shots also. :)