Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sugar and Spike and everything...

This shih tzu and kitty duo certainly live up to their names and more! They were sweet and playful and fun...
It's not very often that people call me to have their kitty photographed but I love cats (we have two of them to go along with the three pups) so I was really looking forward to meeting Sugar! Spike I had met briefly once before at the Bark Park grand opening but I knew it would be even better without the distraction of a million dogs running about. And I definitely couldn't wait to see these two buds playing together!

I brought along one of my knitted catnip mice which Sugar immediately claimed as her own...

... even though Spike did his best to steal it from her!

I think Spike has a lot in common with my pooch, Apple. They both really like cat toys... and "torturing" their kitty sisters! The bottom photo of these two cracks me up! The look on Sugar's face is priceless!

And a collage of the day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Who's a big winner?!*

I am!

I won postcards from fabulous pet artist Aimee! They are so cute!
Look at this squishy face!

If you want an amazing portait of your furrie friend, you should definitely check out Aimee HERE!

Thanks for the postcards, Aimee! You too can try to win postcards from Aimee by following her on Twitter.
And you can follow me too!

*A reference to one of my most favoritest movies, Swingers.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angel and Luke - Sneak Peek

I got to make two new friends this weekend! Angel and Luke are a bit introverted but Luke came right out of his shell once he discovered there were treats in my bag. Angel took a little more time to warm up to my camera. She liked me but wasn't entirely sure about the beeping object I kept pointing her way!

Both pups are totally beautiful! I've always had a soft spot for German Shepherds; they are pretty, smart, and fun! Angel and Luke were no exception... even if Angel *is* the smarter one who likes to trick Luke!

This is Luke. Apparently Angel is usually the fetcher in the family but Luke was ga-ga over the bad cuz I brought along!
Taking a break from running back and forth:

Angel on the left, Luke on the right. Angel is letting me know she would like the toy thrown, please!

And Angel... warming up more to the camera.

And I leave you with Luke's big brown eyes! Who could resist that face?!