Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meet Clementine...

my Valentine!

Chris and I got her from Lucky Cat, a rescue group here in Jacksonville. It's the same organization from which I adopted Uni too! She's our V-Day present to each other. : )
Isn't she pretty?!?!
I just hope Uni stops hissing at her soon...

Clementine says Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I will miss this place...

We currently have a fantastic pond behind our apartment. I see all kinds of wildlife all the time... egrets, more egrets, nutria, ducks (okay so this one was at a different apartment but we have even MORE ducks here!), and now...
Yes, seriously!

Last weekend, I had run down with Max so he could go potty with the intention of running back up and back to bed. I always stop at the railing on the second floor and look out at the pond before heading to the third floor. This time instead of seeing either a few ducks or other bird types... I saw something swimming. First I thought it might be one of those swimming birds, like an anhinga?, but then I thought it was a snake. All of a sudden he popped his little head out of the water, crunching away audibly on what I assume was a tasty fish.

Guess who didn't go back to bed that morning?
I had to run up and grab my camera but apparently Mister or Ms Otter was a bit shy. I managed to get a couple shots by following the otter across the pond and I'm aware they aren't very good photos but I have to show you anyway!

When we finally get our house, I admit I will miss this pond!