Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tee hee hee

I was going to wait until I had more of the photos from this session ready to share... but I'm antsy... so you will probably see more of Larry and Lola later too!

I rented the Canon 10-22 mm lens from before I flew to Kansas City for Christmas. I LOVE this lens! Now I must have my own!! It's soooo much fun!

Anyway. Larry and Lola belong to one of my knitting friends. Yes, I knit. If you have a cat and I've worked with you recently, you probably have a very special knitted by moi catnip mousie! ; )
I love both puppies! Their mom says they were on their best behaviour for me but I can't imagine them being naughty!

Larry, who I kept wanting to call Lester which is odd because even when I can't remember people names I always remember furrie names, has the BEST ears! I'm a sucker for ears!

He also has a lion-like mane... naturally! His puppy side came out for this photo of him frolicking in the yard! What a great pup!

Lola, sweetie pie, is my new bestest friend. Don't tell Apple!
And this is yet another reason I love the wide angle lens... I can take self portraits!!

There will definitely be more from this series... Larry and Lola like lettuce!
I love, love, love that Lola's tongue is already peeking out in anticipation here!

So that's it for right now... I'll share more soon! And I have photos from Kansas City as well! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for the doggies) it waited until two days after my photo shoot with Cecelia and Darby to snow. I had wanted to shoot in the snow for the first time! Ah well...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toby and Lola's Sneak Peek

Meet Toby (left) and Lola (right):

Lola is a 4 month old black lab bundle of fun!

And Toby, Lola's 3 1/2 year old yellow lab big brother, may look calm here... but you should see him when his mom mentions squirrels!

Speaking of mom... here's the lucky lady with her pups! I love the look on Toby's face... he's looking for squirrels! : )

Aren't they the most adorable family ever?? I had such a great time meeting them all!

Monday, November 23, 2009


in June:

and on Sunday:

Bella belongs to my former co-worker at the park and now my neighbor! When he and his wife went on a cruise... guess who got to have her visit?!!? More photos to come later!

ps. I didn't want to give her back this morning. Apple always sleeps on one side of me and Bella was sleeping on the other. It'll be weird to not have her around tonight!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Dogtoberfest!

On the way to the park... Amanda and I sat in the backseat with Zoe and Chloe.

Once we were there we ran into our neighbor and his two pups, Charlie (the bichon on the right) and Archie (the cocker spaniel on the left). They had been there awhile and it was about a million degrees out so they were a little hot and ready to go home!

Billie Jean and her un-lover Michael Jackson were at Dogtoberfest this year!

And a few more pups in costumes for your enjoyment!

We didn't stay nearly as long this year because it was just too hot... but it was fun anyway and I'm sure we'll be there again next year!! : )

Sitting in the office...

with nothing to do. We are having tile put in the living room and have to keep the animals away from the area. So the kitties are in the bedroom and I'm sitting in the office with the three pups. I've read some, played on Facebook and Twitter, and ate a jillion pancakes. Now I'm posting photos from my trip to Kansas City back in July. I have a ton of shots from my sister's amazing garden but those will come in a later post. For now...

This is my sister. Behind her camera. Taking photos with me in her garden. She's a Nikon girl and I'm a Canon girl... lol! Notice the fabu Trendy Strap she's wearing too. I'm such a nice sister. I won it last year and gave it to her so she could have a fun camera strap too!

And this is my sister and her husband and me... at IHOP for breakfast! : )

And last but never, ever least in my world...
My nephew Qwerty and my niece Macintosha!


Mac on the left and Q on the right:

These two are crazy at night (just like my two) so they aren't allowed in Joni and Justin's bedroom. They were allowed in mine! : )

And I leave you with a teaser for the upcoming garden photos...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Shiver Me Timbers! It's the Dread Pirate Professor!

More Dogtoberfest 2009 photos to come! We didn't stay nearly as long this year as last year because it was a jillion degrees out and the pups were melting... not to mention us humans too. But I still managed to get a few fun photos of the doggies! Stay tuned!

Friday, October 2, 2009

MacFarland's Sneak Peek

MacFarland, who gave me permission to call him Mac, is a 3 (almost four!) year old West Highland Terrier who loves lizards, cheese, and long walks on the golf course at Grandpa's house. He already has a girlfriend (of course - he's adorable!) so don't think this is a personal ad... even though it might sound like one. Mac also has a nemesis... or two. What?!?! How could a face THAT cute have a nemesis??

I know I said earlier that Mac loves lizards. I guess I should have clarified. Mac loves to chase lizards! Seriously. Loves it. In fact, we had to leave the area with lots of bushes because it's hard to get photos of a pup with their face down in the ground. But they made for a cute lil collage:

So we went to Mac's Uncles' house. Mac was okay with that. He loves car rides! In fact, he gets to go to work with his mom every day!

Even at their house, there were lizards though! But not so many bushes. : )

Okay... I'll move on from the lizards...

So I know I said Mac has a nemesis or two. The other one, Zeke, can definitely stand up for herself. Therefore Mac doesn't chase her. Or at least he didn't while I was looking! Zeke gives an infamous "evil eye"! But as you can see by the photo on the right, she's also a fabulous model!

What? You are curious as to what amazing beauty could capture the heart of the valiant and brave MacFarland?
This one:

Now we're off to hunt lizards! Have a wooftastic weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sugar and Spike and everything...

This shih tzu and kitty duo certainly live up to their names and more! They were sweet and playful and fun...
It's not very often that people call me to have their kitty photographed but I love cats (we have two of them to go along with the three pups) so I was really looking forward to meeting Sugar! Spike I had met briefly once before at the Bark Park grand opening but I knew it would be even better without the distraction of a million dogs running about. And I definitely couldn't wait to see these two buds playing together!

I brought along one of my knitted catnip mice which Sugar immediately claimed as her own...

... even though Spike did his best to steal it from her!

I think Spike has a lot in common with my pooch, Apple. They both really like cat toys... and "torturing" their kitty sisters! The bottom photo of these two cracks me up! The look on Sugar's face is priceless!

And a collage of the day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Who's a big winner?!*

I am!

I won postcards from fabulous pet artist Aimee! They are so cute!
Look at this squishy face!

If you want an amazing portait of your furrie friend, you should definitely check out Aimee HERE!

Thanks for the postcards, Aimee! You too can try to win postcards from Aimee by following her on Twitter.
And you can follow me too!

*A reference to one of my most favoritest movies, Swingers.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angel and Luke - Sneak Peek

I got to make two new friends this weekend! Angel and Luke are a bit introverted but Luke came right out of his shell once he discovered there were treats in my bag. Angel took a little more time to warm up to my camera. She liked me but wasn't entirely sure about the beeping object I kept pointing her way!

Both pups are totally beautiful! I've always had a soft spot for German Shepherds; they are pretty, smart, and fun! Angel and Luke were no exception... even if Angel *is* the smarter one who likes to trick Luke!

This is Luke. Apparently Angel is usually the fetcher in the family but Luke was ga-ga over the bad cuz I brought along!
Taking a break from running back and forth:

Angel on the left, Luke on the right. Angel is letting me know she would like the toy thrown, please!

And Angel... warming up more to the camera.

And I leave you with Luke's big brown eyes! Who could resist that face?!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bark Park Peek

Citigate's Bark Park had their grand opening this past Monday! What a fantastic amenity for an apartment community... I really wish the apartments we lived in before we bought our house in March (weeee!) had had something like that!

Lots of fabulous dogs and their pawrents came out for the event... and I did my best to remember everyone's names but some I don't think I ever found out. Next time I'll bring some paper! : )

This is Oscar:

And this is Emma... I think Oscar like liked Emma! ; )
She was cracking me up... Emma loves to chase the ball... but when she gets hot, watch out for those teefs!!

This is a pup whose name I don't know... I think I was too busy squeeee-ing over those ears! I have a severe weakness for puppy ears!

Isn't Phoebe the cutest thing ever?? I can't tell you how tempting it was to scoop her up and stick her in my shootsac!

This is Oscar... not the same Oscar obviously! This Oscar has beautiful turned out feet... I think he was a ballerina in a former life!

I love this sequence... it shows how a lot of dogs react to my big camera, including Nala...
1. "What's that? Eeeeck!"
2. "Maybe I should see what it is..."
3. "Oh... look, that girl looooves me and wants to peeeet me!"

Hee hee hee... Ruma!! 'Nuff said! He's another one I'd like to scoop up and take home... although, really, I don't think I've ever met a dog I haven't thought that about! Even the giant ones that I can't really "scoop"!

Olivia... I admire her mom soooo much. This beauty only has three legs but you'd never know it in a million years. I swear she runs faster than the four legged pups! And her furrie sister Phoebe, also gorgeous with one blue eye and one brown, is deaf. I kept forgetting and chatting at her anyway... although she probably didn't mind!

And the last photos for the blog because dinner awaits me...
Streudel! He was a bit shy when he was hanging out on the big dog side of the park but once he found the small dog area, he was mister model!!

I posted the rest of the photos in a gallery. It can be accessed via my website if you'd like to see all the adorable pups...
Go to
Click Enter Website.
Chose the Online Ordering option from the toolbar on the left.
Then click on Dog Park Fotos.

I truly enjoyed my evening with these pups! I love my job!! : )