Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angel and Luke - Sneak Peek

I got to make two new friends this weekend! Angel and Luke are a bit introverted but Luke came right out of his shell once he discovered there were treats in my bag. Angel took a little more time to warm up to my camera. She liked me but wasn't entirely sure about the beeping object I kept pointing her way!

Both pups are totally beautiful! I've always had a soft spot for German Shepherds; they are pretty, smart, and fun! Angel and Luke were no exception... even if Angel *is* the smarter one who likes to trick Luke!

This is Luke. Apparently Angel is usually the fetcher in the family but Luke was ga-ga over the bad cuz I brought along!
Taking a break from running back and forth:

Angel on the left, Luke on the right. Angel is letting me know she would like the toy thrown, please!

And Angel... warming up more to the camera.

And I leave you with Luke's big brown eyes! Who could resist that face?!

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the other Traci P.!!! said...

so cute!!!!!!!!!