Monday, December 22, 2008

Daisy and Guido!!

Daisy and Guido (if you click that link, just scroll to the bottom for the sneak peek!) are my neighbor's dogs. I LOVE them! Daisy is a super sweetie pie and Guido is the most energetic ball of fur EVER!
We like to tease Professor and Daisy that they are a couple... hee hee.
And Max and Guido love to chase each other around by the pond... until Max is naughty and runs into the water!

So I ran into Daisy and Guido one afternoon while I was out taking pictures of Professor so of course I had to get some shots of them as well! In fact, Daisy is now on my website. She is the link to enter the photo cart for dogs!

Anyway, these photos are LONG overdue!
I played around with them tonight and practiced leash removal on a few!
The gorgeous Daisy and Guido BEFORE:



And Daisy with her ring!!

This is the look you get from Daisy when she wants you to play with her and the ring...

But this is what happens when you try to oblige!

Ugh! I have a bunch more of Daisy with the ring that I want to share but I have GOT to go finish cleaning the kitchen. My parents arrive in town tomorrow and my sister and her husband fly in on Wednesday! Eeeeck!
So this will have to do for now but I hope you enjoyed Daisy and Guido even a smidgen as much as I do! : )

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taylor, Simba, Bo and Lucy!

I had the honor of photographing four pups in the same family this weekend! What an amazing mom they have!

Taylor, a yorkie, is 12 years old and such a cutie pie! I loved how she walked around with her tongue out most of the time! See it in the shot on the left??

Simba is a pomeranian/poodle mix. He is 10 years old but so super spunky! He loves, loves, LOVES to chase toys and he spent half the shoot barking and trying to get me or his mom to throw things for him! He has such a puppy face... I couldn't resist! I hope he wasn't too worn out later!

Lucy and Bo are brother and sister... and Simba is their dad! Simba and his mom's sister's dog (did you follow that?) who is a chinese crested had six puppies. They all stayed in the family! I saw baby puppy photos of the group and Bo was the big one in all of them! : )

And Lucy has a bit more of the crested in her look than Bo does. She has such fun grey and white fur that hides her naked skin! And she reminds me a little bit of Dumbledore... I think it's the beard!

A shot of the three:

Thanks Kelly for having me out this weekend! I love your little family!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm so sorry it has been so long since my last post... I promise I wasn't crying in the corner all this time...
I've just been busy. But I still apologize because I'm never too busy for YOU!
And if you are here scouting for photos of your dog from the Civil War Living History event at Fort Caroline, I promise to get those up asap! I had a bit of a head cold and my face was all stuffy so staring at the computer in the evening after staring at it at the park all day didn't sound exciting. But I'm all better now!
For those of you wondering why I have photos of dogs at a Civil War event... I'll explain when I post... so I'm keeping you in suspense for a wee bit. : )

On a happy note...
I had a request for a gift certificate! I'm so excited because I didn't have one designed and this gave me the perfect excuse to do just that!
Isn't Professor the cutest?

So if you know someone with a furrie friend... or feathered or scaled or whatever... you can now give them the fabulous gift of a photo session with ME!