Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gordo's Sneak Peek

Last weekend I met Morris Gordo the cat!
Gordo was a bit on the shy side and even after petting him, giving him a handknit catnip mouse, and even feeding him some treats he still wanted to squish himself under the entertainment center like this:

But with more time and coaxing, Gordo decided maybe I was kinda okay enough to go into his tube. These tubes are fabulous! I know my two kitties love their tube too. Gordo's even matches his gorgeous fur!

Here Gordo gives me a pensive look. Or at least I think he looks pensive... maybe he looks like he is plotting!

"At last! The windowsill! The perfect place to be protected... sandwiched between the couch and the window. No one will bother me here... wait! Is that beeping black thing back?!!?"

And definitely one of my favorites... Gordo gets up the gumption to almost sniff the lens!

Hopefully Gordo is back to his relaxed self and is enjoying the capnip mousie I made to complement his beautiful orange fur! Thanks Gordo for letting me come spend some time with you! : )


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oscar's Sneak Peek!

Oscar Dill La Renta is a well-traveled two year old Corgi mix best known for his perfect first position (that's ballerina speak for his turned out toes)!

I actually met Oscar back in August at Citigate's Bark Park Grand Opening. I definitely noticed his cuteness and his ballet moves back then so when I got an email from his mom about doing a photo session, I was excited! And then when she said she'd like to try going to the beach for it, I was ecstatic! This was to be my first time shooting at the beach! Weeee!

We went bright and early because pups aren't allowed between 9 am and 5 pm but the light was beautiful and Oscar had so much fun playing in the sand and jumping through the water! Here are a few of my favorites from Sunday!

Posing for the camera:

Jumping for joy through the water:

Oscar says it's manly to turn out your toes!

And the whole family enjoying the gorgeous day at Neptune Beach. What a fabulous morning!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catching Up...

I've been a busy bee lately and I have lots to share... but once again, there's not enough time to tell it all at once. So I'll keep you partly in antici...


A few fun shots from my second photo session with Toby and Lola. They were kind enough to help me with my PBS piece and let me return to get some footage for 9 to 5. If you missed the video, this is it.

And the photos:

I also had a photo shoot recently with Molly the coon hound! It was her paw's birthday so her paw's un-furrie daughter decided to get a photo session for him! Get it? Paw? Pa? Yes... I'm a dork...
I loved chasing Molly around and playing with the bad cuz with her... she loved it! So much so that she taught me that I shouldn't tell people they are indestructible. Not that she really did anything major... she just ate one of his horns! : )

One of my favorites EVER!

This one was actually an accident... I had my macro on and got too close to Molly. But really, I love it! Look at that adorable nose!

Soon to come... shots of my first beach session... with Oscar! And photos of Chester, the newest addition of my own family!