Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gordo's Sneak Peek

Last weekend I met Morris Gordo the cat!
Gordo was a bit on the shy side and even after petting him, giving him a handknit catnip mouse, and even feeding him some treats he still wanted to squish himself under the entertainment center like this:

But with more time and coaxing, Gordo decided maybe I was kinda okay enough to go into his tube. These tubes are fabulous! I know my two kitties love their tube too. Gordo's even matches his gorgeous fur!

Here Gordo gives me a pensive look. Or at least I think he looks pensive... maybe he looks like he is plotting!

"At last! The windowsill! The perfect place to be protected... sandwiched between the couch and the window. No one will bother me here... wait! Is that beeping black thing back?!!?"

And definitely one of my favorites... Gordo gets up the gumption to almost sniff the lens!

Hopefully Gordo is back to his relaxed self and is enjoying the capnip mousie I made to complement his beautiful orange fur! Thanks Gordo for letting me come spend some time with you! : )



Jane said...

Tracy, thanks for stopping by! I have you in the contest! And...I'd highly recommend a sewing machine. I have stitched miles and miles on mine!

Paws on the Run said...

I love the tub picture!