Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ruger's Sneak Peek!

Before our session, Ruger told me that his pawrents call him Pretty Boy and I can totally see why! He is so handsome! It was hard to pick just a few shots for his sneak peek...
I brought Ruger a red tennis ball to play with rather than my usual orange bad cuz and that turned out to be well received. He loves to run and play!

This is a "Throw that ball!" face...

"What?!? I see that ball... I'll even point it out for you! Come on... throw it!"

We wore him out... but just for a minute. I think he looks like a puppy in the shot on the left! And I love his dirty tongue on the right!

The community where Ruger lives has a dog park! If we hadn't just bought a house, I'd want to live there! We walked over to play there for a bit and Ruger, smartie pants that he is, can actually open the gate all by himself! How cool!

Here we see Ruger "spinning" for the ball... or maybe it was a rock. He likes rocks too and there are lots in the park! : )

The worst part about summer shoots, especially with active dogs, is that it is sooooo hot! Thank goodness there was a way to attempt to cool Ruger off. He looks so funny getting all splashed!

Ruger's mom even let him jump in the pond for a minute. Although then he had to endure a bath later...

After the bath though, it was treat time! I wish my dogs were so patient...

See the goober treat? On Ruger's paw?!?!?

Apple would have bit my hand off for the peanut butter treat if I was waving it around in the air. Ruger makes some hilarious faces and waves his paw around and even rolls over... but waits until he is told it's okay!

And now I leave you with a couple close shots of this sweet boy's beautiful face!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yuki's Sneak Peek

Yuki's family brought her home when she was only five weeks old and hand fed her special milk. It is now 13 years later and I think she still has a puppy face!

Her name means courageous and she most certainly is... she is still sporting a shaved leg, which makes her look a little like she is wearing an Ugg boot, from a recent surgery to have her infected uterus removed. She's still quite active though and so obviously loves her "pawrents".

A Day in the Life of Yuki:
Take family for a walk in the park.

Stop and sniff all the pretty flowers and plants along the way.

"Run"! Sorta...

Enjoy the view.

Mmmm... a new favorite treat, Arby's roast beef sandwich!

Walk the maze... an empty fountain.

WATER! So hot outside!

Thank mom and dad for being such great pawrents!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I wanted to show a few shots of this plant in my backyard to see if anyone happens to know what it is. It was just barely alive when we moved in and I think Chris might have mowed over it at first too but now it has been thriving! It especially loves all the rain we've been getting... even if I don't!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wonky Apple

You'd be all wonky too if you had one of these:

It's a "splint" on her little back leg... when I let all three monsters out after work yesterday, Apple was her usual crazy self running all over the yard like a mad woman! But when we came back in and I sat down to watch some tv I noticed she was laying next to the couch funny. So I called her over to me and saw she was favoring that leg, not wanting to put it on the floor. I picked her up and she was twitching so I called my husband (who was at work) in a bit of a panic since one of my neighbors once told me his dog was bit by a water moccasin and I was afraid something like that had happened!
Fortunately we have an awesome vet... go San Jose Beauclerc Animal Hospital!... who was nice enough to stay and see Apple. They close at 6 and I got there at 6:05 but they knew I was coming.
They think poor Apple tore some ligaments. So they shaved her leg and wrapped it up tight in the green bandage you see there. And she's supposed to relax... no running and playing. Yeah... today she's already barking out the back door at the birds and jumping up on the bed...
But she goes back in a week to be checked and they said it could take 3-6 weeks to heal. Keep your fingers crossed that it heals properly or they will have to refer us to a surgeon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thinking of Splash

A request from Splash and Freckle's mom:
Keep Splash in your prayers. He has Lymphoma and with the breed he is, chemo is not an option. Splash will be 7 on Halloween. Freckles will be 4 on July 8th. Splash and Freckles are blood related, cousins. At my house, they are "brothers". I can say, "Freckles where is brother Splash?" and he will go look for him :) Luv them so....

My heart goes out to Splash's "paw-rents" and his brother Freckles. I will definitely keep your beautiful boy in my prayers. I only met him the one afternoon but he was so sweet and happy. I don't know what the options are for you but I will keep hope!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Falling behind...

I have so many photos that I'm excited to share yet I find it is hard to come home after spending the whole day in front of a computer to sit down and spend the whole evening in front of it too.
I'm going to start trying to do it more though because I can't wait for you to see the neat things that have been going on around here!

We recently got a lot of rain. Seriously. A lot.
Like it rained every day for more than a week. And not just a shower in the afternoon which tends to be typical of Florida. Major rain.
And the rain brought out these guys:

This one is on our front door. At night. I found him when I got home from knitting group so I left on the patio light and cranked my ISO.

They are so cute... but the bad part is that Apple, our yorkie, seems to think they might taste good. And then she foams at the mouth and I have to grab her, put her in the tub, and pour water all over her face and attempt to wash out her mouth. She hates it.
But she doesn't learn.
She just keeps doing it!
She likes the toads that congregate on the back porch too. I caught her carrying one around just the other day. Ugh!
At least she doesn't kill them.

And the other animal that has been hanging around our backyard... ever since we moved in!

Thank goodness the bunny is fast because although I'm really good about turning on all the lights and making sure he's not there (or banging on the door until he runs), Chris isn't always so good about it. And I'm just waiting for Max to catch him.
Double ugh!
Once Max went running like MAD after the bunny and was right on his tail when he squeezed under the fence. Guess who ran head first into the fence because he was unable to stop?
Yeah, Max is our big doofus!
: )

Enjoy these for now... and stay tuned for some holiday BBQ photos and my very favorite photo of Clementine...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Splash and Freckles

If there is a dog running about and I have my camera... well, there are going to be photos! : )
Splash and Freckles live with Stargazer and Starlight, the two horses seen in the two previous posts. They are absolutely gorgeous Australian Shepherds with crazy thick fur and the sweetest personalities! I'm hoping their mom and dad let me come visit again and take more pictures of them out in their endless fields. I think we could get amazing shots!

This is Splash!

And Freckles!

And the two together... trying to get cool in the shade.

I actually saw two 8 week old Australian Shepherds at PetSmart the other day when I was picking up Professor, who now looks like a fluffy cotton ball. They were adorable and made me think of Splash and Freckles. These dogs are soooo pretty!