Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Falling behind...

I have so many photos that I'm excited to share yet I find it is hard to come home after spending the whole day in front of a computer to sit down and spend the whole evening in front of it too.
I'm going to start trying to do it more though because I can't wait for you to see the neat things that have been going on around here!

We recently got a lot of rain. Seriously. A lot.
Like it rained every day for more than a week. And not just a shower in the afternoon which tends to be typical of Florida. Major rain.
And the rain brought out these guys:

This one is on our front door. At night. I found him when I got home from knitting group so I left on the patio light and cranked my ISO.

They are so cute... but the bad part is that Apple, our yorkie, seems to think they might taste good. And then she foams at the mouth and I have to grab her, put her in the tub, and pour water all over her face and attempt to wash out her mouth. She hates it.
But she doesn't learn.
She just keeps doing it!
She likes the toads that congregate on the back porch too. I caught her carrying one around just the other day. Ugh!
At least she doesn't kill them.

And the other animal that has been hanging around our backyard... ever since we moved in!

Thank goodness the bunny is fast because although I'm really good about turning on all the lights and making sure he's not there (or banging on the door until he runs), Chris isn't always so good about it. And I'm just waiting for Max to catch him.
Double ugh!
Once Max went running like MAD after the bunny and was right on his tail when he squeezed under the fence. Guess who ran head first into the fence because he was unable to stop?
Yeah, Max is our big doofus!
: )

Enjoy these for now... and stay tuned for some holiday BBQ photos and my very favorite photo of Clementine...


chris! said...

The first shot of the frog is super kickass! Really nice work.

I also love the photos you got of Copperfield (our rabbit)... he's a cute, furry, little, illusionist... isn't he?

Joni said...

Ack, you can't let Max get the bunny! I still have nightmares of the ones that Grits and Samantha found in our backyard growing up. It was a whole nest of little babies... :( Any way, good frog photos, wow! I wanna be like you some day.

Anonymous said...

LOL the Max story was HYSTERICAL. I would not be a funny story, however, if he ever caught the bunny.

Who can blame apple for thinking the frogs would taste good...they're a delicacy after all :)