Sunday, June 14, 2009


I wanted to show a few shots of this plant in my backyard to see if anyone happens to know what it is. It was just barely alive when we moved in and I think Chris might have mowed over it at first too but now it has been thriving! It especially loves all the rain we've been getting... even if I don't!


Anonymous said...

looks lillie(ish) .. :)

Tracy said...

Very good!
I was told it was a Lily of the Nile by a gardening person!
: )

the other Traci P. said...

I love your camera! Great shots!!!!
I want to see the canvases of your furrie babies!!!!

Tracy said...

You've got to come over soon! They are fantastic! We have them hanging on the big wall across the living room for now. I put them there just until I figure out the office space... but now I want to leave them! : )

Anonymous said...

I love these photos. I know it's not what I'm supposed to say but I've always thought your flower photos were some of your best!