Friday, October 2, 2009

MacFarland's Sneak Peek

MacFarland, who gave me permission to call him Mac, is a 3 (almost four!) year old West Highland Terrier who loves lizards, cheese, and long walks on the golf course at Grandpa's house. He already has a girlfriend (of course - he's adorable!) so don't think this is a personal ad... even though it might sound like one. Mac also has a nemesis... or two. What?!?! How could a face THAT cute have a nemesis??

I know I said earlier that Mac loves lizards. I guess I should have clarified. Mac loves to chase lizards! Seriously. Loves it. In fact, we had to leave the area with lots of bushes because it's hard to get photos of a pup with their face down in the ground. But they made for a cute lil collage:

So we went to Mac's Uncles' house. Mac was okay with that. He loves car rides! In fact, he gets to go to work with his mom every day!

Even at their house, there were lizards though! But not so many bushes. : )

Okay... I'll move on from the lizards...

So I know I said Mac has a nemesis or two. The other one, Zeke, can definitely stand up for herself. Therefore Mac doesn't chase her. Or at least he didn't while I was looking! Zeke gives an infamous "evil eye"! But as you can see by the photo on the right, she's also a fabulous model!

What? You are curious as to what amazing beauty could capture the heart of the valiant and brave MacFarland?
This one:

Now we're off to hunt lizards! Have a wooftastic weekend!


Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by! Oh boy, I better keep this blog away from my kids.....they have been begging for a dog.

the other Traci P.!!!!! said...

These pics are sooooooo cute!!!! That's awesome how the lizard is in the pic with Mac!

Anonymous said...

The indoor pictures are fantastic!

Joni said...

MacFarland's a cutie pie. I always like it when you capture the pups frollicking in the grass.