Sunday, October 26, 2008

Max and his Mum

I know it's a bit strange... but I was taking it myself (with my left hand stretched out on the floor). I like the way Max is looking at me though : )
He's such a sweetie.


fuzzykitty said...

awww! :)

Maria said...

Love it Tracy! Who is more in love?
Tough call there...

Pawsitively Pictures said...

I heart the picture of you and Max. Way to capture a cool angle.xo

Mutt Gal said...

See, I love this shot of you guys. The look Max is giving you is priceless!

Yep, the wildthing is a bad cuz. I have no idea why I call it the wildthing! It just stuck, I guess.

So what lens are you shooting with, Tracy? I need to get as many opinions as I can before dropping that kind of cash (and FINDING the cash, of course!)