Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not so furrie...

Just wanted to share a few photos from my patio!
I've posted a green gecko, a pair of skinks, and a bicycle thief but I still can never resist a good lizard photo op. And now that I have my 60mm macro lens... oooh weee!

And I got this guy with the macro too. He's enjoying a sunny afternoon on my aloe vera plant. I don't know if he is the same one that I usually see but the dragonflies seem to really like my patio! Aren't they good luck or something? : )


blue mutt photography said...

WOW - that last picture is incredible! He's looking right at you - wonder what your camera lens looked like to him??

Alexa said...

Wow! Love the Gecko! Those dragon wings are just too neat too!

Tracy said...

I spent some time with a book of dragonflies and I think she is a great blue skimmer... maybe not quite fully matured yet.

I was surprised the lizard stuck around with me taking photos that close to him!