Monday, October 4, 2010

Charlie and Archie's Day Out!

I've been a terrible blogger lately and I know I owe you all lots of photos!
Today I have a story with a happy ending to share along with the pictures!

This is Charlie:

And this is Charlie's brother, Archie:

Charlie, who is a 14 year old bichon, was out on his daily walk with his dad and Archie when he seemed to trip and fall. Unfortunately it wasn't just Charlie being clumsy; he had a stroke. But Charlie (and his dad) were determined and even though Charlie was completely paralyzed on one side, they worked on physical therapy for him. Soon enough, he was walking again but the tops of his little feet would get twisted around so he was walking on them. With a little protection on his feet, shoes that kept the tops from getting scraped up, he was back to short walks with dad and Archie.

When I saw him a few days before our photo shoot, I was amazed at how well he's getting around! He's not quite back to 100% and he seems to get tired after a bit but he's walking right and even trotting some when he sees something that gets him excited!

Charlie and Archie, happy at the dog park!

And not to leave Archie out of the story, Archie was a rescue that his dad found in our neighborhood. I hate that people dump their pets but Archie got a great dad out of the deal!

Archie wants a treat!

Charlie! Look at that grin!

I love Charlie's cotton fur that looks like the clouds in the sky!

Archie, worn out after playing with the other doggies:

And after a nice cool drink. Love the drool... and his muddy legs! Archie got right in there with the big dogs, playing in the muck by the pond!

Charlie wants to know if the camera is tasty!

And I couldn't resist... this is our bichon, Professor, with Charlie! They are buddies!

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Joni said...

Great pics, Tracy! I love the photo of Charlie and the clouds, and the one where he appears to be inches from the camera. :D