Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good News and Bad News

So... I'll start with the bad... that way we end on a happy note! : )

The reason my blog has fallen so terribly behind and there have been no posts in ages is because I have been sick. Sick in bed for several months... no working, no knitting, no reading. Not even any watching tv. That's how sick I was. I lost a lot of weight and even ended up in the hospital one night for dehydration.

Good news? I'm not quite so sick anymore. I am still on a couple meds for nausea but I have now put back on the weight I lost and have gained an additional 30 more! What?! 30 pounds??
It's all because I'm carrying around a BABY!

Soon Chris and I will be adding Violet Carlin Pellicer to our furrie family! I am due June 7th... although I'm sure she'll decide herself when she's ready to come out and play. Chester is either getting her excited with all his barking or freaking her out!

And more good news! I will have a sneak peek ready by tonight for you to see. Nala the chocolate lab was my first photo shoot since I've been back on my feet! Boy, oh boy were my legs sore for a couple days! She's gorgeous though and lots of fun and I can't wait to share! So stay tuned...

And because a blog post isn't complete without a photo, may I present Miss Violet at a checkup last month!

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Joni said...

Wahoo! Love you, sis!