Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zelda and Zoe's Sneak Peek

Zelda and Zoe are adorable miniature schnauzers that I got to play with and photograph this weekend!
Zelda is 12 and Zoe is 8 but I never would have guessed it!  These girls know how to run and play and have a good time!!  : )

Here Zelda is on the left and Zoe on the right... both looking for a treat!

Happy Zoe!  And look at those ears on Zelda!  I love flying puppy ears!!



I'm a sucker for an adorable nose!  And Zoe likes to give kisses so I got to see her nose up close and personal a lot!  : )

Relaxing and cooling off

The girls definitely knew it was a special day... they were allowed to hang out on this fabulous, fun rug!  I almost lost Zoe in there a couple times!  ; )

I would really love it if you would all keep Zelda in your thoughts/prayers.  She has cancer but there is the possibility that she may be able to have it surgically removed.  She is going to find out more tomorrow afternoon.  I will be thinking of Zelda and her whole family and hoping to hear good news! 

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