Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conversations with my husband...

I wasn't sure if this was a photo to post here or in my personal blog, but I figure if you love animals and you are visiting my pet photography blog... then you'll enjoy this too.

Me: Hi...
My husband (working a 24 hour shift): Hi... what's going on?
Me: Well... I... uhhh... I have a guest in our bathroom.
My husband: A what?
Me: It's a... well... I have a seagull in the bathroom.
My husband: How did you catch a SEAGULL?
Me: It was hurt and hanging out by the ducks when I got home from work so I brought him inside...

Yeah, that's typical me. I couldn't just leave him out there! A cat or a dog or something would have killed him... and he couldn't fly. His wing was hanging down.
I took a photo of him in the bathroom and it's an okay photo... I just didn't want to bug him too much. He spent the night there with a bowl of water and a bunch of bread and a big old sheet to sleep on. I finally discovered that BEAKS is back in business after millions of calls... and I took him to a drop off location the next morning (a vet down the street from the park where I work) but he was put to sleep when they discovered that the broken wing was something they couldn't fix. *sigh*
It really broke my heart... I had tried to save a raccoon awhile back and the same thing happened... but I suppose it is better to try to help than to leave them to the elements and suffering.
So I didn't post this at first because it was a sore spot... but I feel better about it now and I wanted to show you my laughing gull... even if he was only mine for a night:

Yes he pooped all over the room but it is a small bathroom and wasn't THAT bad to clean up.
Rest in Peace my friend.

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