Friday, August 15, 2008

Run Professor... Run!

I'm so excited that I finally managed to get some running photos!!
Granted, Professor really lopes more than RUNS... but still! Yay!!
Look how cute he is!

And more from this afternoon:

Bichon butt!

There was a fly buzzing about and Professor was whipping his head around and snapping at it!

This is the "I see a pug" pose... Professor loves other dogs! He always stands up much straighter when he meets one.

Minor details...
The nose

and the collar

Soon I'll have to attempt to take Apple out and get shots of her... Professor has been having all the fun... but he's the one who is good without the leash!


the other Traci P.!!!! said...

I love these photos of Professor Plum, he looks so amazing and happy! Every time I see him-I'm so happy that you guys saved his life--he is such an awesome dog! The pictures capture how cute and playful he is!!! It's like he was re-born into a good home... I want to see Apple chasing the birds and bolting for the water--those would be good shots, displaying her natural instinctual behavior!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Lovin' em :) We need to have a doggie play session one of these days!! :)

Vinnie said...

Fun pictures. They're so cute when they run aren't they! Congrats to you on the new outdoor studio and with a subject like this how could you go wrong.

Tracy said...

Awww... Thanks Traci. Professor is such a good doggie... we got so lucky!
And I can't wait to get Apple out for a photo session. I just have to wait so Chris can go too... he worries that I'll lose her because she runs all over without her leash.

Corinna! I would love to have a doggie play session. Shoot! I'd love to just play with your doggie... forget bringing mine! : )

Thanks Vinnie! Just wait til you see Apple... we tease Professor that no one notices how cute he is because everyone sees her first! I think they are both darling!