Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My favorite breed

is Rescued.

Working for the National Park Service, I see a lot of abandoned pets. Many of us here have pets that were found within the park. I have found homes for others. And yet others wind up in shelters or who knows what else considering that there is an abundance of wildlife in this area including rattlesnakes, hawks, foxes, etc.

Last night someone tied this little guy up to the entrance gate and left him.

LOOK at that face! He is a total sweetheart too! One of my coworkers took him in to the vet where he got a pill to take care of the plethora of fleas eating him up. And he is going to take him home with the hope that his girlfriend will let "Rosco" become their third dog (one of who came from here as well). Good thing... or I might have been tempted myself. He looks like baby Max! Max came from the park too...

Seriously, I wish people would love and take care of their pets. I really don't understand dumping. If you can't take care of your animal, then at the very least, take them to a shelter where they will be safe and have a chance of finding a home.
I know I'm preaching to the choir...