Saturday, September 27, 2008

Business Stuff

I spent the better part of yesterday morning downtown going from office to office attempting to get my business license. Now at least I have paperwork to fill out... Whew.
And I'm still working on the website but I think you'll all be impressed when I'm finally done... which will hopefully be later this week!
AND last night I worked on business card #1...
This one features Max!

and here's the back too:

I think next I'll make one with Apple... or maybe Uni!


Bev said...

Great shots on your card Tracy. Does this mean you're keeping Max!

Tracy said...

Hi Bev!!
I sent you a big long email explaining the Max situation.
If anyone else is wondering, I guess I should post about it asap!

Paws on the Run said...

Have you discovered yet? Then you can make each card different. I'm totally addicted. (and no I'm not affiliated - just a fan!)

Love the blog by the way. Stumbled across you from another dog photographer blog - I'm totally addicted to dog blogs!