Sunday, September 21, 2008


So I spent my morning on a photo shoot... I took out Max (I promise to tell his story soon) and then ended up shooting him and Sam as well. It was fun! I really love what I do!
Now I've been spending the last hour listening to Plumb, eating Hot Tamales, and editing so I could get the rest of the Seattle pups up for you to see. Yay!
So here are the last of them... and next I'll work on the shots I just took about town so you can see those too. Plus I have to show you Jamie's dog FERGIE!! Weee... love that pup!

Walter, Diza, and Frank posing pretty and running about.


Diza's so purty!

LOVE her collar! Who can beat a pink spiked collar?!?!

Walter chillin' with his mum.

Arrow (or was the bichon's name Arrow?) getting some lovin'...

Frank in his new backback getting ready to go for a ride!

Hope you guys have as much fun looking at these as I did taking them!! : )


fourlegsphotography said...

Oh my goodness. Frank's backpack is awesome! He must have so much fun riding a bike with his mom. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the pug shots!!!
(But I think I'm a little bias...)

Tracy said...

Frank definitely looked like he was having a great time! : )

J- It's okay to be a bit biased... hee hee.
You'll have to let me shoot your pugs soon!