Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Miss Chloe

Chris and I were there when Jimmy and Amanda got lil' Chloe... she was a rolly poly and active furball. Now I can't believe how big she's gotten! And she still loves to run and play!
She finally wore out a wee bit at the holiday bbq on Sunday... just enough for me to snap a few photos before my battery died. Darn battery! Shame on me for not charging it before I went...
Here's one that I got:

Doesn't she look like she's quite the joker with that grin??


Anonymous said...

That is quite a smile!

leesia said...

chloe looks like a sweetheart! -- thanks for your visit to my blog the other day; i don't know if there's a prison program in jax, but i would see if you could find something on the website -- http://www.guidedog.org/ -- or even email one of the contact through them. you should definitely get involved if you can! :)