Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Days!

Today is a good day... almost.

Max might be going to live with my friend Heather and her husband! We are going to take him to meet them tomorrow. She will be perfect for Max! I do so hope it all works out.

And I heard back about volunteering to take photos of adoptable animals at our Humane Society! They think my photos are "wonderful"! I can't wait to help out more animals that need homes.
I thought about offering at Animal Control but I know I won't be able to handle it. The Humane Society is a no-kill shelter... and the same can't be said for Animal Control. My heart is too mushy and it breaks too easily. I'd REALLY need a huge house/lots o' land if I were to take photos at Animal Control... they'd all be coming home with me!
I know there are other people who handle those things better than I do. If you are one of them, please think about volunteering at a local shelter. The animals love being loved!

And the one thing that makes today not so perfect...
I feel nekkid without my camera.
I have to send it in to Canon to get the screen fixed. Something must have hit it on my trip to Seattle and it cracked. So off it goes for two weeks-ish.
I might cry.

Here's a photo of my Apple, just so I don't post without a photo!


fuzzykitty said...

Yay! We can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! I got a leash and some toys and talked to Kitty! :)

kitkat said...

Tracy, I'm really proud of you for volunteering with the Humane Society. You're such a good person. I pretty much try to just stick my head in the sand about shelters having to put animals to sleep. Don't want to think about it. It makes me feel better about having adopted Diego from Animal Control, though.

Apple is such a sweetie.

Tracy said...

We can't wait either, Heather!
I got him a big bag of Bil-jac tonight... and it's for big dogs. It looks the same as the other stuff we had but maybe it's got different vitamins or something...

Katie! Thanks... I wrote them about it last week and they wrote back today. Of course now I'm without a camera but as soon as it comes back, I'm all over it!
Professor came from Animal Control too!
I was a wreck standing in there while Chris filled out paperwork... so many animals.

the other Traci P.!!!! said...

You need to show Cole this picture of his favorite girl!!!!

leesia said...

awww, apple is such a sweetie!! too adorable.

i know what you mean about shooting for animal control too...i shoot for a no-kill shelter and it's heartbreaking enough...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you think you've found Max a home! It's also great to hear that you're volunteering at your shelter. I went to our local Humane Society and asked about photographing the pets, but they told me they already had 3 people doing that for them. Luckily there are many others in the area to check out. I hope you manage to survive without your Canon! I think it would be death if my camera was not attached to me for 2 weeks! :D

Emilee said...

It was me who just left the anonymous comment. Whoops!!!

Rachel said...

I photograph and upload dogs to the Petfinder website for my local shelter. Sometimes I want to grab a dog on my way out and take it home with me. But you're right...not a big enough yard! Good for you for helping out! And I love your work, I am adding you to my favorites list! :)

Tracy said...

Traci - Does Cole ever check his email anymore? I'll email him the photo if he does!

Leesia - Thanks! Apple always gets lots of attention when we take her out... it's really too bad that she's nervous around strangers because she'd get lots of pettin'!

Emilee/Anon ; )
I'm dying without it... a little more each day! I keep forgetting it's gone!

Rachel! I'm so glad you visited! I love your work too! Yay!